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“If the current uptick in violence is to be reversed, it is important that parents, caseworkers, and educators reach potential criminals during their early teenage years. Derek Schuster and his staff have done so and through this book are now sharing how they have been able to impact at-risk youngsters.”

– Tom Kean, former Governor of New Jersey and Co-Chairman of the 9-11 Commission

“It is so easy to feel helpless when one hears accounts of the rising tide of bullying in schools. The cascade of negative behavior that begins with bullying and ends tragically with suicide seems to be on the rise. Derek Schuster’s Youth In Jeopardy may, in my opinion, be a useful antidote, by showing adults how to take control. It is a powerful read.”

John Heminway, Author of 6 Books and Creator of National Geographic Films

“Many books have been written about parenting, but few have been directed at the parents of children who are at risk of violent and criminal behavior. But Derek Schuster’s book is based on his program’s experience in the homes and streets of the most vulnerable neighborhoods of New York City.”

Brooks Perlin, CEO, ECO Supply

“Derek’s book is not just a guide, it’s a catalyst for real, measurable change in your relationship with teenagers. It’s an invitation to adopt new behaviors and approaches, with the assurance that these strategies have been tried and tested in the real world. Derek doesn’t just offer theories; he provides proven solutions that have reshaped lives. If you’re ready to see tangible results and truly make a difference in the lives of teenagers, this book is an invaluable resource and a must-read.”

Rodger Desai, CEO, PROVE

“In this information-packed volume, Derek Schuster presents vivid anecdotes which illustrate the myriad challenges teens face. Though a huge number of teens are currently in crisis, parents and mental health professionals will be encouraged by Derek’s description of firm and compassionate support.”

  • Nancy Nereo, Ph.D, Dept. of Clinical and Counseling Psychology

Teachers College, Columbia University