Choosing Friends Wisely


What are the sort of friends a child might be on the lookout for? The most basic criterion might be to have positive rather than negative friends. Positive friends will intervene in situations when their buddy is about to get into trouble. They’re looking out for each other. Negative friends don’t particularly care what happens to each other.

So it is smart to select your friends rather than be selected. By selecting your friends, you will most likely be surrounded by the sort of youngsters you need. If you waive that prerogative, you may be subject to flatterers who gravitate toward you for the wrong reasons.

Of course, when children select their friends, it is important that they know what they are looking for in friends. Are they seeking someone with similar interests (basketball, Playstation, etc?) Are they drawn toward someone with a sense of humor? Do they need someone who is there to compliment them and support them? Answers to these sorts of questions will be conducive to rewarding friendships