Bernstein, Jeffrey, Ph.D., “The Stress Survival Guide for Teens”, New Harbinger Publications, 2019, 204 pp., $16.95. RTD (Release to Date) sales: 628


“This book helps teens cope with life stressors … a highly effective guide for teenagers, parents and clinicians alike.”

Martin Bertin, MD, developmental pediatrician:

“This book provides proven tools for making teenagers feel more in control, independent, and happier.”

Caren Baruch-Feldman, Ph.D., Psychologist:

“This book provides valuable tools to help teens decrease their stress . . . the exercises are fun and engaging.”

What My Book Offers In Addition:

Bernstein does an excellent job of presenting the many types of pressures typically felt by teenagers.  He also offers a variety of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy skills to help teenagers, parents, educators, and clinicians limit the impact of those pressures. But the author does not fully analyze the central role of anger management in preventing violent and criminal behavior. Nor does he do much to focus on such key factors in the inner city as gang membership and weapons session. My book would cover a wider range of techniques in more varied settings. I would also focus on the needs of a truly at-risk population.

On Amazon:

  1. 11 Global Reviews
  2. 4.7 out of 5 Stars
  3. Best Sellers Rank: #390,425 in Books

Purcell, Mark, MEd., PSYD. and Murphy, Jason, MA., “Mindfulness for Teen Anger,” New Harbinger Publications, 2014, 136 pages, $16.95.  RTD sales 20,562

Acknowledgment by Diana Winston, Director of UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center:

“At last a non-judgmental and systematic approach for dealing with anger. This book offers an array of practical tools to help people of any age understand and transform their anger. “

Esme Shaller, Ph.D., Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of California:

“This book presents Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills in digestible chunks for teenagers open to decreasing their anger and aggression.”

Susan Howe, LMFT, licensed marriage and family therapist:

“This book allows the reader to draw their own conclusions about their actions, reactions, thoughts, and feelings.”

What My Book Offers in Addition:

Purcell and Murphy do quite a thorough job of analyzing the dynamics of anger and presenting anger management techniques. But they do not delve into other emotional factors contributing to violent and criminal behavior. These factors include dishonesty, susceptibility to peer pressure, and attitudes toward authority. My book would cover a wider range of techniques in more varied settings. I would also focus on the needs of a truly at-risk population. Unlike the research-oriented Purcell/Murphy book, mine is filled with heart-wrenching anecdotes gleaned from 20 years of Violence Prevention work.

On Amazon:

  1. 68 Global Reviews
  2. 4.6 out of 5 Stars
  3. Best Sellers Rank: #35,469 in Books

Mckay, Matthew, Ph.D., Wood, Jeffrey, Psyd. , Brantley, Jeffrey, M.D. “The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook” New harbinger Publications, 2019, 271 pages, $24.95.  RTD No data.

Acknowledgement by Kirby Reutler, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist with Dept. of Homeland Security:

“This book presents simple, practical, and effective ways of making DBT skills accessible to readers. I have in this book discovered a richer understanding of DBT.”

“As a fellow dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) consumer, DBT therapist, and DBT author, I am always on the lookout for simple, practical, and effective ways of making DBT skills usable, accessible, and applicable to the average reader. In this book, you will find just that! Even after using, teaching, researching, and writing about DBT concepts for more than a decade, I now have a richer understanding of DBT that I am excited to try on myself…and share with others!”
Kirby Reutter, PhD, bilingual clinical psychologist with the Department of Homeland Security, and author of The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook for PTSD

“For people who struggle with intense, painful emotions, this workbook is a great resource. It teaches the skills of DBT, including the newest skills, and provides examples and exercises to strengthen learning. Those who apply themselves to the program outlined in this book will acquire the skills necessary to experience strong emotions without resorting to behavior patterns that harm relationships and decrease quality of life. DBT skills, used daily as directed, change lives for the better!”
Cedar R. Koons, LCSW, is an LBC-DBT-certified DBT therapist, a mindfulness retreat leader, an international DBT consultant, and author of The Mindfulness Solution for Intense Emotions

What My Book Offers in Addition:

This book does a good job of analyzing the origins of anger, the difficulty of shedding it, and the dynamics of putting it to positive use, but does not focus on the particular context of the teenage years. Unlike the research-oriented “Dialectical Behavior”, my book is filled with heart-wrenching anecdotes gleaned from 20 years of Violence Prevention work.

On Amazon:

  1. 1,260 Global Reviews
  2. 4.6 out of 5 Stars
  3. Best Sellers Rank: #1,045 in Books

Puff, Robert and Seghers, James, “The Everything Guide to Anger Management.”, Simon + Schusters, 2014, 282 pages, $17.99. RTD sales 5,405

“A must read for anyone looking to improve their life! I was skeptical because I’m not an “aggressive” or “angry” person, but after reading the intro to this book I was immediately captivated by the realization that everyone needs to channel their frustrations, anger, negativity, etc. Everyone gets angry, but it can be a completely positive opportunity to drive success. Great book for anyone looking to improve their life: relieve stress, reduce frustrations, remain calm, and manage the day to day potential blow ups. I really like the style of this book, it’s a quick, easy page turner – lots of practical applications, bullet points and critical facts to drive personal change. Dr. Seghers and Dr. Puff have a wonderful way of relating facts, solutions and relaying historic, foundational information to keep things into perspective.” – Vincent Gerrits

“This book helped way more than I expected. I bought because I was tired of feeling angry and critical of my family all the time (that’s what they said and they were right) and fighting. It helped me with that in fact by the time I was about hallway through I was already seeing the improvements just using the 3R stuff and others were too. What I didn’t expect was how much the book would help in other areas especially with stress and communication problems and with just feeling more peaceful. The chapters on how anger relates to thinking and beliefs changed a lot of the way I look at things, and the stuff on acceptance even more so. The book was easy to read and understand and it was enjoyable. They back up their points with a lot of research and stories from their work (Dr. Puff and Dr. Seghers are private practice Psychologists). I highly recommend it for anyone who has anger problems or who just wants to be happier or have more self-control.” – Maria Singer

This book really helped me understand emotions and how to help control them. It helped me understand what kind of problems I would cause with a stubborn and negative attitude, and I really appreciate the time and effort that Dr.’s Puff and Segher put into this book–it really shows. There are examples that help explain their point, along with facts and scientific studies, etc. This book really helped me with the mental aspect of when I play sports; and I learned how to control my emotions better when I play.
All in all this was a great book–even if you don’t have anger problems, it’s very interesting and helpful to learn about emotions, how to get them under control, and even turn your life around! – Gamble Yeung

What My Book Offers in Addition:

“The Everything Guide” does a great job of analyzing the role of anger in leading to anti-social behavior – – and approaches to controlling it. But my book deals not only with anger, but other factors such as gang membership, bullying, dishonesty, peer pressure, lack of taking personal responsibility for behavior, various types of disorders, poor parenting, etc. Unlike the research-oriented Puff/Seghers book, mine is filled with heart-wrenching anecdotes gleaned from 20 years of Violence Prevention work.

On Amazon:

  1. 12 Global Reviews
  2. 4.8 out of 5 Stars
  3. Best Sellers Rank: #689,701 in Books

Antencio – MacLean, Gina “Overcoming Oppositional Defiant Disorder”, Althea Press, 2019, 162 pp. $12.59. This looks like the audio book version in CD format. Sales of 6 total copies.

Overcoming Oppositional Defiant Disorder is a must-read for parents seeking a real-life guide to reducing problem behaviors in their children. The author’s unique, two-fold approach teaches both skills for parents’ own self-care, and strategies to improve their child’s behavior. As a psychologist who specializes in ODD, I am impressed with Dr. Atencio-Maclean’s ability to make the cutting-edge research and intervention in this field so approachable for caregivers.”―Melissa Jinariu, Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Adjunct Professor & Clinical Supervisor

“With Overcoming Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Dr. Atencio-MacLean has hit it out of the park. This is a practical, accessible guide for parenting children with oppositional behaviors. This is unlike any parenting book in its evidence-based, easy-to-read style, and I would wholeheartedly recommend this not to just ODD parents, but parents struggling with challenging behaviors in general. What an asset for therapists and families alike!”―Bridgette Atallah, PsyD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist Clinical Director, San Clemente Psychological Services

“Being a huge proponent of self-care in my personal and professional life, I greatly appreciated the emphasis Overcoming Oppositional Defiant Disorder places on the importance of self-care for the parents. “Taking care of yourself isn’t selfish–it’s a prerequisite for caring for others.” I loved this quote because it highlighted the stigma that other people try to dictate how you “should” care for your child first and foremost before yourself, but she reframed it to remind people that it is not shameful to take care of yourself, too. This book is great because it is transparent and easy to follow, with creative exercises that help you relate to real-life situations by bringing you back to the basics. Dr. Atencio-MacLean does a fabulous job describing what is going on with your child. and she provides the most effective strengths-based strategies to utilize in your journey toward collaborative healing.”―Candice Waltrip, PsyD, Licensed Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

What My Book Offers in Addition:

“Overcoming Oppositional Defiant Disorder” does a good job of explaining only one of the disorders which contribute to negative behavior by teenagers. My book will discuss several other disorders as well.

Also, Antencio-MacLean delves into how parents and children can work together to improve behavior. My book will focus on the relationship, but also include the caseworker’s role in achieving that goal. Unlike the research-oriented Antencio-MacLean book, mine is filled with heart-wrenching anecdotes gleaned from 20 years of Violence Prevention work.    

On Amazon:

  1. 17 Global Reviews
  2. 4.6 out of 5 Stars
  3. Best Sellers Rank: #32,908 in Books

‘l;Reed, Debbie and Sunshine, Wendy, “Raising the Challenging Child”, Revel Publishing, 2020, 272 pages, $13.59.  RTD sales 1,631

In my many years of clinical practice, I was always hesitant to recommend a parenting guide. Raising the Challenging Child would have been a striking exception. Oh, how I wish it had been available to me–and to the families with whom I worked.”– Michael Trout, author of This Hallowed Ground: Four Decades in Infant Mental Health

“This book will be welcomed by all parents who struggle to connect with, support, and guide their children through the challenging moments and who hope to create a warm and understanding relationship with their children.”–Phyllis Booth, MA, LMFT, LCPC, Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor

“While the tips and tools offered in Raising the Challenging Child are based on the latest brain research and evidence-based practices, the authors translate the theory with real-life examples. Parents will love the practical and proven ‘If you’ve tried this . . . do/say this instead’ suggestions.”–Amy McCready, founder of Positive Parenting Solutions and author of The “Me, Me, Me” Epidemic: A Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Capable, Grateful Kids in an Over-Entitled World

What My Book Offers in Addition:

   Raising the Challenging Child” attempts to motivate parents to assume a pro-active role in their relationship with their children. Many practical parental strategies and tools are presented.

   My book will also present many techniques which can be used by caseworkers. If the parent needs outside support in order to achieve the desired teenage behavior, my book will explain where such support can come from and how parents and caseworkers can develop a successful relationship in the interest achieving the desired behavioral change. Unlike the research-oriented Reed/Sunshine book, mine is filled with heart-wrenching anecdotes gleaned from 20 years of Violence Prevention work.

  On Amazon:

  1. 50 Global Reviews
  2. 4.8 out of 5 Stars
  3. Best Sellers Rank: #97,914 in Books

                           Timetable for Completion of “Youth In Jeopardy”

As of now, I have gathered the information for the main section of the book, which deals with what I have learned over a 20-year period about those activities which seemed to have worked and not worked as professionals and parents have sought to address the problems of teenage delinquency.

I have also chronicled the amusing and-or bizarre anecdotes which have occurred as SCAN-Harbor has attempted to attack the problem.

After I find an agent, I should be able to complete the rough draft of the book in 2-3 months.