Youth in Jeopardy: Keeping Kids Out of Trouble      



Introduction: How the Author Discovered East Harlem and the South Bronx 

Chapter I.     The Problems Underlying Youth Crime and Violence 

Chapter II.    Who Are Today’s Teenagers and What Do They Need? 

Chapter III.   The Many Risk Factors Teenagers Face 

Chapter IV.   Some Ways to Keep Kids Out of Trouble 

Chapter V.    How a Delinquency Prevention Program Can Address the Risk Factors

Chapter VI.   Addressing Risk Factors Related to Mental Health                                   

Chapter VII.  Addressing Risk Factors Related to Emotional Health

Chapter VIII. Addressing Risk Factors Related to Family and Home

Chapter IX.   Addressing Risk Factors Related to Teen Behaviors

Chapter X.    The Over-Riding Importance of Parents

Chapter XI.   Crafting a Crisis-Oriented Delinquency Prevention Program                     

Chapter XII.  The Impact Of Positive and Negative Peer Pressure

Chapter XIII. Leveraging Positive Peer Pressure to Prevent Delinquency                     

Chapter XIV. Additional Delinquency Prevention Initiatives

Chapter XV.  Managing the Usage of Electronic Devices by Teenagers    

Chapter XVI. The Special Challenges of Keeping Girls Out Of trouble

Conclusion: Summary of Delinquency Prevention Techniques to Be Found in This Book