Identifying Leaders and Followers

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If kids are not to be victims of peer pressure, they must be LEADERS, not FOLLOWERS! A first step is to determine which they primarily are.

Some of the issues our program and my forthcoming book explore in order to clarify the leader/follower question include the following:

  • Do they feel okay expressing an unpopular opinion when a group of their peers is around?
  • Do they criticize peers who make offensive or prejudiced statements?
  • Would they criticize a disruptive student in class who is making it difficult for you to hear the teacher?

Some additional issues to help kids determine whether they are leaders or followers will be included in my forthcoming book “Youth In Jeopardy: Keeping Kids Out of Trouble.” They will include the following:

  • Do they suggest solutions when the group they’re in has a problem?
  • Do they choose their friends or wait to be chosen?
  • Do they apologize when there is bad behavior on both sides during an argument before the other person does?