Author:   Derek V. Schuster, Ed.D. (917) 921-3053    

             Some of the main resources which will be used to market “Youth in Jeopardy” will be the following:

  • Current donors and prospective donors to SCAN-Harbor – – about 1000 in number. They are all aware of SCAN-Harbor’s Violence Prevention Program through newsletters, which they receive twice a year.
  • Professional contacts made by our Violence Prevention Program (Probation Officers, Court Personnel, Social Service Agencies, Attorneys, Law Enforcement Personnel, etc.) – – about 400 in number.
  • Contacts at other Programs (Center for Anti-Violence Education, Society for Prevention of Violence, Violence Intervention, Program, etc.)
  • Talk Show Appearances Sought Out: Today, Good Morning America, Live!, Talk Radio 77, Morning Edition Brian Kilmeade, etc.
  • Graduates of St. Bernard’s and St. Mark’s Schools, which were attended by the author – – about 3,000 in number. Both of these school highlight published books in their periodical newsletters.
  • Personnel at major national and local (New York City) social service organizations (National Association of Social Workers, International Federation of Social Workers, Police Athletic League, Catholic Charities, Boys and Girls Clubs, SCO, Graham Windham, etc.) – – about 100 in number.
  • Members of social clubs where author has memberships in New York City and Long Island.- – about 500 in number
  • Neighbors in Bridgehampton, NY, where author has a home – – about 500 in number.
  • Friends – – about 500 in number.
  • Through Amazon and bookstore categories (Parenting, Psychology, Education, etc.)

The above 5,500 persons will be marketed by e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, and Linked-In.

Also, support blurbs and speaking engagements will be sought from professionals in the social service and law enforcement fields who are familiar with the achievements of SCAN-Harbor’s Violence Prevention Program.  Among those are the New York City Department if Probation, the New York City Law Department, the Legal Aid Society, Astor Services, the New York City Department of Education, and the Leir Foundation.