Non-Violent Response Match

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Enter letter of the most appropriate response after angry trigger. The same letter can be used for more than one number.

1. You’re alone at school. Somebody thinks you are a member of an opposing gang, and wants you to go out to the staircase to settle things. _____
2. A teacher unfairly identifies you as having thrown a spitball in class. _____
3. Your brother is playing the VCR so loud that you can’t hear your favorite program. You want him to know how you feel about the situation. _____
4. Your body tightens as you become angry with your mother’s constant criticism of you. _____
5. A bully tries to provoke you into a fight by calling your mother a bad name (even though he’s never met her). _____
6. You are continuously angry with your girlfriend, but are confused as to the reasons. _____
7. All day, your mind has been so filled with anger, that you can’t study for a test. _____
8. You have a history of fighting your older, big brother. He starts shouting at you. You feel like shouting even louder back at him. _____
9. A student you’ve had run-ins with gives you a disrespectful look. _____
10. You plan to get revenge on a kid at school tomorrow by planning an ambush. _____
11. You are angry with your mother, and wish you had something to say to her other than to call her a bad name. _____

      a. Ignore what happened.
      b. Take a walk or run or ride your bicycle around the block.
      c. Keep your voice low and calm.
      d. Wait until the end of the class period and explain your case.
      e. Use an “I-Message.”
      f. Get help from an adult.
      g. Write a letter, but don’t actually send it.
      h. Take five deep breaths.