Non-Violent Strategies for Reducing Anger

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1. Ignore the comment or incident:
    a. Think about why you are angry. _______
    b. Question the importance of the issue. _______
    c. Decide to ignore it or choose a non-violent reaction. _______

2. Remove yourself physically from the person you’re angry at. _______

    Move (if possible) toward a group of persons with whom you are friendly. _______

3. To express anger, use an “I-message.” _______

4. Take five deep breaths. _______

5. Count backwards from ten to one. _______

6. Close your eyes and imagine you’re in a peaceful

place. _______

7. Consider the possible long-term consequences of your anger-driven actions. _______

8. When in a heated argument, keep your voice low and calm. _______

9. When the anger won’t go away, let off steam in a positive way (take a walk, run or bicycle around the block, pound a pillow, etc.) _______

10. When you’re angry with someone, but you’re not sure why, write a letter to the person, but don’t send it. _______

11. When your temper or desire for revenge is about to result in a bad decision, get help from an adult (parent, teacher, counselor, etc.) _______